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iPod Classic Lives On

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Apple refreshed its iPod line today. As I suspected, iPod Classic – the high capacity model in iPod lineup – continues to live on. It even got a refresh, the iPod Classic now sports a 160GB hard disk (up form 120GB).

Another thing we should have seen coming is a faster iPod Touch. Apple announced that the new model will be 50% faster. Since the iPhone and iPod Touch are known to share a lot of design and components, it is fair to assume that the  50% increase in speed is courtesy of a ARM cortex-A8 processor. But why is the new iPod Touch only 50% faster, while iPhone 3GS claims to be twice as fast?

Although there was no news on iPhone front, another announcement of interest in the convergence space is the addition of video capture capability and FM radio to iPod Nano. As Apple spelled out, video capture capability is a direct jab at the Flip video camera (now owned by Cisco).

FM radio has been a long requested feature for iPod. A multitude of devices that failed to make as big a splash as the iPod have featured FM for long. Risking reduced iTunes store sales was probably why Apple was holding off FM. Is it less of a concern now? Or, is this a measure of desperation to improve iPod sales, which the iPhone sales have been eating into lately? Or is it the state of the economy that demands more functionality?

Interestingly, only iPod Nano got a nod for FM radio. Courtesy of  the BT/FM/WLAN combo chip from Broadcom, the iPod Touch (and iPhone 3GS) hardware already has FM receive capability. It should be quick and easy to turn on this part of the combo chip and let the software do its magic. Will iPod Touch and iPhone get FM next?


Written by Nalini Kumar Muppala

September 9, 2009 at 2:47 pm

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