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Digital Camera Trend In 2011

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Production and shipment data for digital cameras from Japanese vendors is now available for all of 2011. I had discussed the data from 2010 in an earlier post here.  The Camera and Image Products Association (CIPA) of Japan provides data on the number of units produced, shipped and their value. Most major digital camera vendors participate in this research [pdf]. With a majority of digital camera vendors hailing from Japan, The data from CIPA is a good proxy for the industry. Let us read into the trend based on the shipment data.


  • SLR camera shipments continued to grow. Shipments increased 22% in 2011.
  • SLR camera growth was the lowest in six years apart from the across-the-board bad year in 2009.
  • For the second time in six years, basic camera shipments decreased on an annual basis.
  • SLR units accounted for 13.58% of total shipments.

  • Prices of both SLR and basic cameras continued to fall. On average, a SLR camera sold for $429, and a basic camera went for $116.
  • The price erosion was much less than previous years.
  • On the whole, ASP in $ terms improved slightly to $158.

  • SLRs accounted for 63% of total revenue in 2011.
  • For the second time in six years, revenue from basic cameras fell.
  • SLR revenue increased but failed to make up the decrease in basic cameras, resulting in a reduction in overall revenue for the year.


All the above charts are based on US Dollar equivalents (1USD = 79.70 JPY) of prices and revenues reported in Japanese Yen. Yen strengthened again in 2011, adding to Japanese vendors’ woes. In Yen terms, the performance was worse. The following table shows growth rates of various aspects.


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February 17, 2012 at 10:56 pm

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